The picture above demonstrates the
Laundry Lasso attached to a washing
machine door, which swings outward
and is located in a small laundry room.

This particular washing
machine tends to close on
itself, as a result, we attached
the Laundry Lasso from the inside.
Our suction cups are incredibly
strong giving you the peace of
mind that your washing machine
door is secured and won't close.
The above picture demonstrates another
method for attaching the Laundry Lasso
to a machine door where the door tends
to close on itself. The suction cups are
located in a different location, but is still
doing the same job.
The picture above shows the Laundry Lasso attached where the washing machine is in
a high traffic area. The Laundry lasso
allows the door to remain opened enough
to allow air inside, but keeps the door out
of the way.

The Laundry Lasso is made with a
high strength durable cord. The cord
can be adjusted to allow for a
larger opening, providing more air to
circulate into the machine drum. The strength of the cord and suctions is perfect in a high traffic area.

The Laundry Lasso can also be adjusted to provide a
smaller opening, but still
allow for the proper amount
of air flow into the washing
machine drum.

The Laundry Lasso is attached to the
side of the washing machine during a
washing cycle. The beauty of the
Laundry Lasso is that it can be
placed anywhere you like during
a washing cycle.

The Laundry Lasso can be attached
to any brand of front load washing
machines, which gives you the peace of
mind that your door will stay ajar
allowing air to filter through and stay
out of the way.