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The Laundry Lasso was designed and invented by a former Marine and dad of three kids as a result of the frustration associated with endless hours of mold and mildew clean up in his front load washing machine. Despite using the tablets recommended by his washing machine manufacturer, the mold and mildew continued because the door wouldn't stay open at the manufacturer's recommended distance. When he left the door open, it would get in the way and the risk of damage to the door was greater. The closed door doesn't allow the water remaining in the machine to evaporate. The Laundry Lasso allows the door to stay ajar and air to circulate within the drum of the washing machine.


Laundry Lasso's specially constructed vacuum sealed suction cups won't scratch or damage your machine. It stays attached to your washing machine so you won't lose it. You'll save time, money and your family's health with Laundry Lasso!

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